Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Welp. This blog is exposed now.

Welp welp welp.
If it isn't you.

You tu siapa pun I taktau. Tapi kalau asalmu dari twitter, hi. Pekabo? Sihat? Tengkiulah save link saya. Sebab saya tengah tutup twitter sekarang. It's either you remember it, save it or you just google it. Either way, hi. I like you :) 

So you like the way I write things aite? Well what can I say. I can play your heart like a kompang with my writing. Woot woot.

Why I said kompang? Because I don't know how to spell benjo.
Is it benjo or banjo or....ranjau onak duri hatiku ini?

Hahahahahahaha. K yakde kena mengena.

K. I will be back on twitter. Soon. Kot. Hahahahahah. Selalu pun kejap delete kejap hidup twitter tu. Sometimes you have to disconnect yourself from outer world. From virtual world. My brain is not ok. But i hope it's getting better. Yelah, i have sooo many doubts in my life. Nantilah we get to the details.

I deleted whatsapp too. And intended to stay that way. Tapi apakah daya? Zaman sekarang pakai whatsapp je weh. Dahlah banyak commitment dekat whatsapp tu. Wui wui wui. Maka hiduplah balik natang tu.

So if any of you guys contacted me and I answered macam malas je, i'm sorry. 

I'm trying to patch things kejap.
I will be fine.
Been doing this for years.
I will be fine.


**hapdet 18/6/2017. my twitter dipegang my friend because i asked her to. so yeah :)

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