Thursday, March 30, 2017

I'm weird.

UPDATE 2017.

saje repost balik sebab aku comel. kbai.
hahahahaahah ni umur 17 punya post ni

I want people to read my blog but I don't want people to read my blog. You know what I'm saying?
I mean....... I don't mind if you read my blog but please just keep it to yourself. Don't tell me that you are reading my blog. I like being an anonymous. I want people who read my blog know that they are reading my blog but pretend like they do not read my blog.
Too complicated? Ok ok. Lets make it simple.
Do not tell me that you are reading my blog. Unless......
To be continued....
BAPAK BESAR GAMBAR!! ANONYMOUS SANGAT. *tangan kat bahu* Sorry, I usually update my blog using my phone. Don't know how to resize it. If I don't feel comfortable with this picture, I'll remove it. Assalamualaikum :)

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