Monday, November 7, 2016

Jomblo Happy.

Assalamualaikum kawan.

Jadi, memandangkan aku seorang loner, i went out alone (again) yesterday. My mom didnt know. she didnt have to know.

Don't tell her yah?

So, yesterday, i went to college to submit my assignment (that was supposed to be submitted on Friday, but thanks to a wonderful group mate, another group mate and I had to finish her part that she never started. Ti amo group mate, i hope i will NEVER have to deal with chu again) but unfortunately, madam was not in her room, so I messaged her telling her what happened to this one lovely groupmate, she said I can submit it to her on Monday morning. Thank lord. God bless you madam.

then to reward myself after this semester's tiring journey, I decided to go to the Burger King (I planned this since a very long time a go actually) but since I haz no car, i haz to plan a strategic plan. KAH! Therefore, I decided to go to the Burger King near Masjid Jamek. I actually wanted to invite my friend too because I knew he had class on Saturday near KLCC. But then, tidak tercakap. HAHAHAH

SOOOO, my plan was, after I went to Masjid Jamek, I could go to KLCC and take some photos, to test my new (tak berapa new dahlah) lense that I bought from Lazada. all of these 'trips', could be done just by taking trains. 

and that's what I did yesterday. 

after arriving at Masjid Jamek, I saw this..

they were giving away food. (I assumed, because they were giving away polystyrene container. You don't give away empty polystyrene container)

God bless you guys.

it was kind of humbling. 
because my hala tujuan was to Burger King. 
let's just cut that part and proceed to KLCC shall we?

then, I went to KLCC. then  to the air terjun to take photos.

this one is from my phone.

starting from this picture downward, camera.

Used Canon EOS 600D, 55-250mm lense. I used manual setting and played around with that shuttle speed thing. and my hands were shaky hence the not so focused stuff and I also did not wear my glasses, that might be another reason why the pictures were a bit 'off'. This lense is good for long distance objects. I was quite far from the waterfall and you can see that I snapped a couple of photos of KLCC's ceiling (suka hati panggil itu siling) and you can see the detail. Yeah, it's pretty good although you gotta be at a perfect place to get the perfect photos. I know i didn't. :)

I do not remember the exact thing that I did in KLCC but what can I say is, I went to Kinokuniya and saw all these books with attractive story lines and gorgeous cover pages, and feeling sad because i remembered the new book that i still haven't read at home. I felt if I bought more books, I might not be able to read it. So...sadly I went outside of the Kinokuniya wondering what else I should do.

OOH YEAH, I remembered going to the Chameleon and I bought a scarf (like serkup kind of scarf), hairclip, getah rambut and a belt. :)

Then, I went to TGV. But I was hesitated. like, yeah.
I saw Oija Board on the scren. and I thought I wanted to watch that, but it was almost 2:00, and I thought, the movie might have started or the cinema was alrady dark to prepare for the movie to show up.

then I saw Tatsuya Fujiwara. I meant his movie poster.

mind you. this is the guy im talking about.

then, I went to the ticket counter, the self service one. almost paid for it.
but I was really hesitated.

i decided to check the movie on google first. after reading a couple of lines, I went again to the ticket counter, and I clicked on this...


for was kind of interesting. the story line was good. but...urm. kind of.. "Meehhh".
BUT! I did cri a bit. if you see this movie then u know why.
ALSO, it was worth it. because I was blushing. looking at this man. haish. you're 34 but played as 29. still good tho.

I mean, look at that smile.
i iz melt edi.


so, after the movie ended, i was ke-buntu-an. What else should I do?
Then, that Ouija Board popped up on the screen. i really wanted to test myself, because you know, i am no fan of horror movies. because its boring. even Munafik didn't scare me. 

so i bought the ticket and i got sometime to do something else. I decided to find something to eat. but unfortunately, i haz no selera, and didnt know what to eat.

so i decided to buy hotdog from TGV instead. yes. I ate hotdog in the cinema before the movie started. sorry not sorry, i had to eat. i know, it was kind of an...ezhul move. 



the movie was..

not scary at all. but there were some people who yelled after the terkejut part. I didnt.

It's official. I am not scared of horror movie.

maybe because I've seen the real ghost before.. :P

then I went outside to take more photos.

then, I went home. 

so.. that's all.

oh yeah, remember, i dont remember the exact sequence, of what I did, so if i said something wrong, i am sorry, i forgot the real time chronology.



also, nah, my gambar looking fab. :*

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