Saturday, January 9, 2016

this is me talking rationally.

hey. wazzaaaap.

cant believ im turning 20 this year. which means ive been blogging for almost 5-6 years... i think?
but yeah. everybody will get old eventually.
getting old meaning, more commitments, people asking "eh kau bila nak kahwin" and stuff.

well guess what.
i dont want to get married. idk who's reading my blog. Maybe my mom, sis, bruh or cousins. whatever, idc but after you read this, please dont be so obvious. because it means you have read my deepest darkest side of my mind.

no. i dont hate you.

oh the reason why i object getting married is.
ive seen alot of broken marriages.
not, im not in trauma or stuff.

but it makes me wonder, when you married your first spouse, you said you love him/her. then, something happened, you married someone else. so your first love was fake ke?

sounds like fairy tale.

another reason is, im too lazy.
i am notorious for being lazy.

dont believe me?
ask the makciks-makciks about me.
damn they'll be having a juicy topic.

this is why, im not a wife material.
i dont want to screw someone else's life.

so thats all for now.

maybe ill get married and settle down. maybe im not. but who cares. uhuks. toodles.

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